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Welcome to my work in progress. This page is a patchwork of my experiences post Dday in my former life. Dday, is discovery day. Discovery of infidelity, Discovery of the end of my 30 year marriage, Discovery of me! Its been a few years since Dday for me and I felt like now may be the time to share my experiences and hopefully help someone else.

What I do want to say, is this is about hope, not hate. Because at the end of this relationship, I found so much more than I was looking for. I never realized how truly loved I was, or the crazy wonderful things the universe had in store for me! My vision here is to include how I survived a nuclear fallout of my long term marriage, yes, but to talk about other things too. The new ways of doing things I try, fun things in my life and my good and bad days.

I started this at “the end.” But it isn’t the end. Its just the beginning. And its pretty great.

Ophelia Phoenix